As farms and plantations have expanded into the traditional homes of elephants, they are forced to come out of forests in search of fodder. To the elephants, crops are easy and nutritious meals. Elephants destroy huts, standing crops and whatever comes in their way in search of fodder. Sometimes people are killed. Another important problem is human encroachment and poaching. It has led to the extinction of many species and made many species at the verge of extinction.
We designed Raptor to put a check on these issues. Our Raptor is equipped with an audio amplifier system, which will produce loud sound to drive the elephants back into the forests. It is also equipped with a night vision enabled zoom camera, which will enable the forest department to put an end to human encroachment and poaching. It can be also be used for wildlife monitoring. It can be a great aid as an alert system during forest fires, which will help to put out fire on its very starting.