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Garuda Aerospace provides fully supported, user-friendly, drone-enabled technologies and services developed exclusively for agriculture. Our solutions are designed to deliver real value for farmers — reducing crop inputs, boosting yields, and increasing profits. With us you can maximize yield and minimize cost. Our drone services and data products are designed to work independently or holistically from the beginning to the end so you can maximize crop performance, optimize asset monitoring, and manage your crops more efficiently. Our drones will provide live data from a range of sensors (including multispectral, NIR and LIDAR to perform in-depth analysis of crop health and more.

Precision Farming is a management strategy that employs detailed, site specific information to precisely manage production inputs. This concept is sometimes called precision agriculture, prescription farming, or site-specific management. The idea is to know the soil and crop characteristics unique to each part of the field, and to optimize the production inputs within small portions of the field. 

The philosophy behind precision agriculture is that production inputs (seed, fertilizer, chemicals, etc.) should be applied when necessary and where there is need for the most economic production.